Speaker SP-U115 Black USB

RMS 1 W, volume control

Speaker SW- S2.1 200

2.1 channel subwoofer system, RMS 6 W, (3 + 2×1,5)

Speaker Subwoofer SW-5.1 230 V

RMS(Watts) 150,Sattelite,speakers:5,sub-woofer:1,Volume control,Bass

Speaker SP-M120

RMS 2 W, volume control

Speaker SP-U150X Yellow

USB powered, RMS 3,5 W, rounded triangle shape, sleek black surface with yellow ring

Speaker SP-HF1255A,230V

RMS(Watts) 40W,Volume control,Bass,Treble,Headphone jack,Line-in, wood

Speaker SW-5.1 3005

Six-piece speaker system with total 75 W (subwoofer 25W, center 14 W, 4 satellites each

Speaker SW-HF5.1 6000, 230 V

RMS(Watts) 200,Sattelite,speakers:5,sub-woofer:1,Volume control,Bass,AUX/5.1CH,Remote control, LCD Display